Ditch Coal: the Russian connection


As LMN member group Coal Action Network continues to host our friend Vladimir Slivyak of Russian environmental organisation Ecodefense on the Ditch Coal Speaking Tour, film-maker Jo Syz has produced a three-minute video on the impacts of the UK’s coal imports from Russia.

The New Internationalist has published an article From Russia, with blood: the impact of coal exports to Britain arguing that the human and environmental costs of this coal are too high.

Vladimir Slivyak says that “When you buy coal, you have a moral right to ask where it came from”.

Katy Brown says that the supply chain for coal from Russia to the UK involves a secretive journey, with devastating impacts on indigenous communities and the silencing of groups resisting it.

The Ditch Coal Speaking Tour will finish with a public event in London on Friday 10 June.

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