Job opportunity: communications worker for London Mining Network

If you would like to apply to be LMN’s Communications Worker, please write to us at contact[at] with your CV, with contact details of two referees, and a covering letter explaining how your experience equips you for the tasks set out below, how you would go about them, and why you would like to work for London Mining Network. Your application must reach us by 9am BST on Friday 30 June. Interviews will be held at the London Mining Network office in north London on the afternoon of Friday 14 July.

Job title: London Mining Network Communications Worker

Contract: Fixed term contract for service (self-employed consultancy) at £20 per hour from 1 August 2017 or as soon as possible thereafter, initially for one year but with the possibility of extension if funding allows.

Hours: The Communications Worker will spend an average 9.5 hours a week on LMN communications work, ordinarily from the LMN office. There will be periods of greater activity when more work will be required, balanced by reduced work during periods of lesser activity.

Accountable to: London Mining Network trustees

Reporting to: The co-ordinator of London Mining Network

Key objectives

To advise on, lead and implement a communications strategy for London Mining Network prioritising the voices of mining-affected communities and the role of London in the global mining industry and, from time to time, to assist LMN’s members with media work and publicity for particular events or projects as agreed by LMN’s trustees.

Specific tasks

* Reviewing and implementing LMN’s media strategy, with an aim to increasing the visibility of frontline community voices and concerns, widening interest in the issues, and applying public pressure to London-listed companies and stakeholders.
* Developing media/social media strategies for particular overseas visits and public events.
* Writing press releases related to visits, events and reports with which LMN is involved.
* Establishing and building on existing media relationships to build public awareness of the struggles of mining affected communities and London’s role in the global mining industry.
* Co-ordinating media activities related to overseas visits and events.
* Writing and coordinating email communications with the LMN email list.
* Managing LMN email sub-groups, Loomio and other internal communications tools.
* Sharing and producing text and basic visual social media content for Facebook and Twitter
* Co-ordinating Facebook advertisements to promote events and build wider audiences
* Producing live social media content from LMN events and demonstrations.
* Using social media to reach out to young audiences.
* Updating and liaising with LMN’s trustees and advisory committee on LMN communications work via email and occasional meetings.
* Conducting media monitoring, logging and reporting on media and social media metrics.

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