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Rio Tinto subsidiary BCL forces its colonial arrogance relentlessly on the people of Bougainville

Colonial arrogance has an ugly face. It stings and stinks. Every year since the 1989 closure of the Panguna Mine, BCL has not relented in forcing its return to re-open the Panguna mine in Central Bougainville. Each time there is talk about its return to Bougainville, it evokes horrific memories of the war people continue to live with to this day. It continues to conjure fears of their experiences of the recent civil war and the possibility of another one, and to their minds, it will be far more devastating than the first one. Everyone feels that, says it, thinks it and believes it!
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The fog of peace: post-conflict environments as sites of impunity, denial and dispossession

Nowhere is the complex, contested, and contradictory nature of peacebuilding more apparent than on the Melanesian island of Bougainville, which sits on the easternmost border of Papua New Guinea. For most of the 1990s it was embroiled in a bitter war that pitted Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF) troops against Bougainville Revolutionary Army (BRA) guerrillas. The hostilities were triggered by a major copper and gold mine owned by British-Australian mining giant Rio Tinto.
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Opposition to Bougainville Panguna mine ‘higher than media suggest’

A survey of Bougainville villagers has revealed strong opposition to the proposed reopening of the mine which was at the centre of the island’s decade-long civil war. Media reports had suggested there was support for the Panguna copper and gold mine as a source of national revenue, with a referendum looming on the island’s independence from Papua New Guinea. The mine has been closed since 1989.
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