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Vedanta’s fit for a Panama hat?

Journalists all over the place are zealously digging up evidence of tax avoidance by individuals and companies, based on what's emerging from the so-called Panama Papers. Many culprits haven't yet been named and it's possible some of the worst may never be. What a pity if - in the lulls that customarily follow such media storms - they were ignored? Among these must surely be the Indian mining capitalist Anil Agarwal, chairman and majority owner of London-listed Vedanta Resources plc.
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Vedanta takes the low road, with highly dubious expectations

Among the Indian iron ore producers hit hardest by restrictions on extraction over the past three years, is Vedanta Resources plc. With a "measured" resumption of mining allowed by the Modi government, the London company has become the first Indian enterprise to re-open two mines in Goa which, along with Karnataka, suffered most from the 2012 embargos. Many communities in both these states have not forgotten the numerous examples of illegal and destructive actions for which Vedanta was responsible in the years leading up to the previous government's decision to close the mines.
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Eight global demos against Vedanta in Afrika, India and London

Seven global locations in India and Africa held angry protests today and over the weekend opposing the activities of British-Indian mining company Vedanta while Vedanta’s AGM at Ironmongers Hall, Barbican, London was mobbed by a loud rally organised by Foil Vedanta, accusing the company of pollution, human rights abuses and financial mismanagement.
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