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Precious metals prices manipulated on London markets

GATA's evidence of silver and gold manipulation at CFTC hearing Some observers feel that the Gold Anti Trust Association (GATA's) long held views on a conspiracy by some major banks and government entities to manipulate precious metals prices are off-target, but the...

Peruvian Regional Council seeks ban on all mining

The Regional Council of Cusco, Peru, has prohibited mining activities in its department, arguing that a lot of the farming territory, now being taken over by mining firms, will be at environmental risk. The Council fears that citizens will be displaced from their land...

Only Seven Tanzanians Buy Barrick Shares

ONLY seven Tanzanians managed to purchase the African Barrick Gold (ABG)'s shares floated on London Stock Exchange (LSE) during the recent Initial Public Offering (IPO). Out of seven, three are individual investors and four were companies owned by Tanzanians. There...

India's Tata accused of harassing tribal protestors

Over several years, global conglomerate, Tata (owners of, among others, Corus Steel and Tetley Tea), has been trying to open a major steel plant at Kalinga Nagar in the Indian state of Orissa. It was forced to drop the plans in January 2006, after police opened fire...

Ocean Industries Launch World Ocean Council

Ocean business leaders from a diverse range of industries are distinguishing themselves as “Founding Members” of the World Ocean Council - an unprecedented international, cross-sectoral leadership alliance on stewardship of the seas. World Ocean Council members call...

ICMM presents its 2009 Annual Review

The industry-based International Council on Mining and Metals has released its 2009 Annual Review, Making a difference, which is the first review since ICMM underwent a comprehensive strategic review of the organization’s direction and focus...In this review, there is...

Coal fuels much of Internet "cloud," Greenpeace says

The 'cloud' of data that is becoming the heart of the Internet is creating an all-too-real cloud of pollution as Facebook, Apple and others build data centers powered by coal, Greenpeace said in a new report. A Facebook facility being built in Oregon will rely on...

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Blood and Iron: Rio Tinto heads to the top

Rio Tinto is talking up its future prospects, in advance of its London annual general meeting next month. A huge nickel mine is slated for Indonesia; the company is about to take over a vast iron ore field in Orissa. And it's just announced a £1.9 billion deal with...

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