Mobile phones: the game

How much do phones really cost?

As the release of new phones shows little sign of slowing down, is it time to ask about the environmental and social injustices that relentless production causes?

What ideas do people have for solving some of these problems?

How can we enjoy owning a phone while causing minimal damage to people and planet?

Who are the people involved in making our phones and where do they live?

This is where our new board game comes in, designed for KS4 and KS5 students, along with university students, community groups and organisations.

This is a collaborative learning workshop based around a board game. The aim is to raise awareness of and stimulate conversation about the social and environmental impact involved in producing, consuming and disposing of these electronic devices and to explore possible solutions.

The Trivial Pursuit-style board game can be played by six to eight people. Players make a phone by travelling around the board, picking up cards on the way and reading them out to each other. Participants will find out more about the issues involved in the production, consumption and disposal of phones. They will have to identify different parts of the world where the processes involved in making a phone take place.

We can bring five sets of the game and a facilitator to your venue to run the workshop for groups of up to 30 (plus a teacher if groups are school students). Workshops are free. For more information and to book, contact

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