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Distant Future Warnings: The challenges of communicating with eternity

Radioactive waste and toxic mining byproducts will remain deadly for thousands of years – maybe forever. Generations in the distant future will need to know about about the places this stuff is buried, and to stay away. Deep in the arsenic-contaminated underground at Giant Mine near Yellowknife, contributor Garth Mullins wonders how we can warn the distant future. Is it even possible to send messages that can outlast governments, languages, cultures, nations – maybe even humans?

Marcha Carnaval in defence of water, life and territory – and against AngloGold Ashanti

On Friday 2nd of June, Marchas Carnaval where held in more than 35 municipalities in Colombia, and in other cities around the world, celebrating the defense of water, life and territory through songs dance, theater and art. This celebration of life called more than 120.000 people only in the city of Ibagué, where this carnival has been held for 9 years in a row.

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