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Deutsche Bank ditching gold and silver fix worries British regulator

According to a Reuters report, Britain's financial watchdog could intervene if there are too few participants to set commodity benchmarks including gold and silver. Since Deutsche Bank’s withdrawal from the fixing process, without a replacement, this leaves only four banks – Barclays, HSBC, Bank of Nova Scotia and Sociéte Generale involved in the twice daily London Gold Fixing process – and only two (HSBC and Bank of Nova Scotia) to fix the daily silver price.

Barrick Gold Faces Demonstration Against Human Rights, Environmental Abuses at Toronto AGM

"Everyone's angry at Barrick right now. Everyone's mad at [Barrick Chair and founder] Peter Munk because of botched deal after botched deal, fraudulent activity due to their Pascua-Lama mine, and they're also being sued in the British High Court for the killings that have happened with regularity at their North Mara mine," said Sakura Saunders of Protest Barrick.

Peru’s Conga Mine Conflict: Cajamarca Won’t Capitulate

The fight over the Conga mining project is one of Peru’s largest current social conflicts. Today, the local population continues resisting the imposition of one of Latin America`s largest gold mining projects – Minas Conga. The situation remains tense, and the resistance continues, but with an intensified sense of urgency because as the battles are won and lost, many feel that the conflict is nearing its conclusion. The project is controlled by Newmont, a US company with British investment: among investors in Newmont are UK-based Blackrock World Mining Trust and AXA Investment Managers UK.

Local Protesters Are Killing Big Oil and Mining Projects Worldwide

Multinational corporations are infamous for pushing native people off their land in order to open a new gold mine, extract oil, or otherwise extract local resources. For decades, backlash has been thought to be both limited and ineffectual, but new evidence suggests that protests from local people are effective, extremely costly for the companies, and often lead to substantive changes to or total abandonment of a project.

Philippines: Earth Day protests focus on mining

Earth Day celebrations in the Philippines focused on mining. At Glencore Xstrata's much disputed Tampakan mine, one of the civil society opponents of the mine has been arrested (or abducted) allegedly for being a member of the communist New Peoples' Army. The charge that is vehemently denied, and such accusations are a regular method of discrediting, and intimidating, those who oppose the project.

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