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Posco steeled for trouble

Posco's proposed steel plant near Paradip in Odisha, India, seems to be plagued by conflict. Recently, the supporters of the project have taken up to agitation against Posco alleging non-fulfillment of promises made by the company and the local administration. While the movement opposing the project has delayed its execution, this fresh agitation by supporters has become another problem for Posco and the Odisha government. British-based investors in South Korean company Posco include Barclays, Alliance Bernstein/Alliance Bernstein Global Wealth Management, Foreign and Colonial Investment Trust PLC, and Henderson Far East Income Limited. (Photo: AFP)

Scientists call for tougher treaty on deep sea mining to protect the oceans

A new treaty could be used to police the expected rise in deep-sea mining. It could also ensure that gains from marine genetic resources are fairly shared. Capacity building is needed to help developing nations exploit their resources. London-listed Nautilus and Canadian company Neptune, in which Anglo American is a major shareholder, are among deep sea mining's front-runners.

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