Bianca Jagger and tribal leaders of the Kondh people have been joined by 47 internationally respected opinion makers to send an open letter to India’s Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh. Names include Judge Weeramantry, Former Vice President International Court of Justice, Baroness Helena Kennedy QC, Member of the House of Lords, Chair of Justice and President of SOAS and Julia Häusermann, MBE, Founder and President, Rights and Humanity Organisation. The letter urges the Indian Government to consider the impact of plans by mining company, Vedanta Resources, to build an open-pit mine on Niyamgiri Mountain, the spiritual and ancestral home of the Kondh tribal people.
Bianca  Jagger is a human rights, social justice and climate change advocate.
She is Founder and Chair of the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation and a Council of Europe Goodwill Ambassador.