Jubilee South Africa
11 January 2010
Press Release

Anglo Platinum stopped from removing Seritarita School
In the Mapela region, Anglo Platinum is trying to forge ahead with its plans to relocate the Seritarita School, much against the wishes of the adjacent communities whose children attend the school and the communities around the relocation site some distance away.
Last week Anglo Platinum engaged a removal company to relocate the school’s furniture and other movable assets. Neither the School Principal nor the School Governing Body were aware of this attempt.
The community of Sekiming became aware of the situation and was successfully able to stop the removal. The community members reached agreement with Anglo Platinum to meet the next day. This meeting was attended by representatives from Sekiming, whose children attend the school, and from Mashahleng, Danisane, Matlou, Lelaka and Chokoe, in the area to which Anglo Platinum is attempting to relocate the school.
Anglo Platinum argued that the school needs to be removed before schools reopen for the new year, but the communities present clearly articulated that they had never agreed with the removal and that they remain steadfastly opposed to it. The removal has thus been stopped for now.
Yesterday, Jubilee Mokopane held a regional meeting including representatives from the Mapela area and adjacent areas in the Mokopane region at which it was agreed to give active support to the communities in their struggle to stop the removal.
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