The campaign is so startlingly global and diverse and multi-faceted that most campaigners don’t even know of the existence of most of the other campaigners. “Who are you people? Where do you come from?” a panic-stricken employee of Vedanta shrieked at us, as massive protests swamped Vedanta’s AGM in July 2010. In truth, we couldn’t give him specific addresses for campaigners live in the Niyamgiri hills, Indian metropolises and remote villages, all over the UK, Scandinavia, Caribbean, West Africa, Canada, Australia and continental Europe. There are probably dispossessed indigenous American people in Virginia and displaced aboriginal people in Alice Springs, who had a very deep understanding of the bottomless abyss the Dongria Kondh people were staring down into and who signed the dozens of online petitions and letters, with which we bombarded governments, shareholders and regulators.