EDM 1606, Proposed open-pit mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska, is an opportunity for MPs to signal their support to protect the pristine waters of Bristol Bay. The more MPs that sign, the better. It’s now easy to send an email. See http://www.call4.org/campaigns/help-protect-bristol-bay-alaska/
Earthworks Action’s UK worker, Lucy Pearce, reports: “Interestingly, with signatories having just crept into double figures, Anglo American’s PR agency Edelman were in touch with Martin Horwood MP who had tabled the EDM, requesting a meeting. A sign that EDMs can have impact! The meeting took place, with Paul Henry from Anglo American (Pebble, Alaska), and Communications Manager Anji Hunter.”
Martin Horwood MP remains committed to standing up for the rights of indigenous people in Bristol Bay. He says: “With the clear majority of Bristol Bay residents opposing the mine, I’d really like to know why Anglo American CEO Cynthia Carroll is moving forward without community consent as required by the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People.”