Germany to Halt Nuclear Power Production by 2022
“The exit is necessary, and is recommended, in order to rule out the risks of nuclear power,” the commission said. “It is possible, because there are less risky alternatives.”  It identified wind, solar, water as alternatives, as well as geothermal energy and so-called biomass energy from waste, as alternative power sources.
Tepco Failed to Disclose Scale of Fukushima Radiation Leaks, Academics Say
As a team from the International Atomic Energy Agency visits Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s crippled nuclear plant today, academics warn the company has failed to disclose the scale of radiation leaks and faces a “massive problem” with contaminated water. See
Japan: Credit Outlook Cut On Fears About Fukushima
On Friday Japan had its international credit rating pushed to a negative outlook by nervy ratings firms. Fitch Ratings says while Japan’s deficit and debt are very high, it is not their main concern, it’s the damage the Fukushima disaster could do to economic growth as well as the actual cost of cleaning it up and protecting the site in the future. See
Parent anger plays role in Japan’s reversal of raised radiation limits at schools
Japan’s Education Ministry has pulled an about-face, returning exposure limits for schoolchildren 1 millisievert a year. Officials will also pay for removing surface soil from affected schoolyards. See,0,6286849.story.