The coal industry is racing to ensure its place in our world’s future before safer, healthier and cheaper clean energy takes hold.
Ill-equipped to compete and survive in the emerging clean energy economy it must rely on political clout, misleading public relations campaigns, and the externalization of devastating human health, social, and environmental costs.
In community after community around the world this has stirred a toxic brew of deadly pollution, lost livelihoods, intimidation, and corruption.
This publication gives voice to the brave activists from around the world whose daily struggle bears witness to this ongoing tragedy as they counter the ravenous nature of this dirty, dangerous, and outdated industry. Rather than be bowed by the industry’s onslaught, these activists are leading communities across the world to band together and fight back. Their valiant struggle comes at a time when clean energy is being rapidly deployed without sacrificing communities or ecosystems. An inconvenient truth the coal industry is fighting to suppress as it attempts to claw its way into the 21st century.
From the aquamarine waters off Cirebon Indonesia, to the historic Appalachian mountains of the United States, to the lush biodiversity of the Konkan coast of India communities around the world are issuing a clarion call to end the coal industry’s wanton destruction and seize the momentous opportunity clean energy presents. These are their stories.
See also London Mining Network’s draft declaration on coal mining at and let us know if you agree with it.