“Today, Britain’s significance to the industry is as a centre for global mining – in terms of finance, technology and know-how.  The City of London offers a wide range of financial services to the global industry, including unparalleled capital raising opportunities and advisory services.  Four of the world’s five largest mining companies are listed in London, and two of these are also head-quartered there (Anglo American and Rio Tinto). … London-listed Xstrata is an investor in the Tampakan mining project in Mindanao, potentially the largest ever foreign investment project in the Philippines. … Smaller, fast-growing mining companies often list on AIM – London’s Alternative Investment Market.”
The Tampakan project is extremely controversial. For background, see https://londonminingnetwork.org/?s=tampakan.
Read the ambassador’s blog at http://blogs.fco.gov.uk/stephenlillie/2011/11/17/responsible-mining-in-the-philippines/.