London-listed Vedanta Resources has yet again fallen foul of Indian law.  Its Sesa Goa subsidiary is finally to be prosecuted for alleged fraud connected with iron ore trading. Meanwhile, residents in Goa itself accuse Vedanta of seeking to build a new pig iron smelter under the guise of expanding an existing, highly polluting, plant.
Yet another group of government workers has taken umbrage at the prospect of a deal with Vedanta – this time in Orissa. Last month, staff at child nutrition centres in Karnataka revolted against a move to place the UK company in charge of a government feeding programme. Now, employees at state-run Nalco are protesting against the prospective sale of their alumina to Vedanta’s Jharsaguda smelter. The workers maintain that Nalco “will not only lose precious foreign exchange leading to fall in its profit, it would also pave the way for Nalco’s privatisation. We will not allow this to happen”.
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