Tata owns steelmaking operations in the Netherlands and the UK and also owns Tetley Tea.
Eminent Indian panel finds Tata Mundra poses high social, environmental, economic risks
Tata’s Mundra proposed thermal power project in the Indian state of Gujarat has been at the centre of major controversies in recent years. Now, an eminent team of Indian investigators has highlighted ithe plant’s “disproportionately high social, environmental, and economic costs”. The team claims that these costs have either been “ignored or willfully neglected” by the company, state and central governments, and international financial institutions.
See http://www.minesandcommunities.org/article.php?a=11789.
India: Who’s speaking the truth on Saranda?
Jharkhand’s Saranda forests were last year chosen by the Indian government for a model scheme (SAP). This was designed to show that local communities can be “uplifted” by development, even as paramilitary forces continue fighting left-wing guerrillas. However, the project isn’t working.
Meanwhile, allegations that the Saranda Action Plan was covertly aimed at promoting the interest of mining companies, has received further backing. According to Jharkhand researcher, Gopi Nath Ghosh, India’s Rural Development minister, Jairam Ramesh, declared earlier this month that private mining “had no place in Saranda.”
However, shortly before, theĀ  huge privately-owned Tata conglomerate saw a mining proposal for Saranda waved through over the heads of protesting villagers.
See http://www.minesandcommunities.org/article.php?a=11793.