Tar sands ‘dirty oil’ could soon be coming to the UK
A new report published by the UK Tar Sands Network, Corporate Watch and Pembrokeshire Friends of the Earth reveals that US energy company Valero is expecting to bring increasing quantities of oil derived from the controversial tar sands to locations around the UK, including Pembrokeshire, Wales.
See http://www.corporatewatch.org.uk/?lid=4579.
Once this landscape was a pristine wilderness roamed by deer, now it’s ‘the most destructive industrial project on earth’
•Lush green forests once blanketed an area of the Tar Sands at Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada, larger than England •Area where blackened earth now stands dubbed by environmentalists as most destructive industrial project on earth
•Boreal forest – once home to grizzly bears, moose and bison – is vanishing at rate second to Amazon deforestation
See http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2219240/Tar-Sands-Canada-worlds-largest-oil-reserve-173billion-untouched-barrels.html.