Earlier this month Greenlanders voted in a new government. How will it now meet the challenge of  having an apparent wealth of natural mineral resources – yet also one of the most fragile environments on earth? The tiny population of Greenland has sent a powerful message to China and a host of global mining companies eager to tap the territory’s resources: Not so fast. Greenland has been getting more attention from resource companies, as global warming opens up sea lanes and makes accessible its vast potential riches of iron ore, gold, uranium and oil. In recent years, the region has been visited by energy and mining companies eager to exploit these resources – including Calgary-based Husky Energy Inc., which holds exploration rights off the island’s west coast. China has taken a particular interest: One of the few mining projects under way is a $2.3-billion mine led by Britain’s London Mining PLC that would send 15 million metric tons of iron ore to China annually.
See http://www.minesandcommunities.org/article.php?a=12190.