Dispute over Xstrata Nickel mine sparks riot in front of Dominican Congress
Two groups in dispute over the Glencore Xstrata nickel mine project at Loma Mirada (central) unleashed a riot in front of Congress Wednesday morning, hurling stones and debris at each other, while several rioters were seen wielding guns and one shot fired. The police at first failed to control the groups in front of the congressional esplanade, from adjacent government office buildings in the down sector of Centro de los Heroes (La Feria). The rioters sought to force Xstrata Nickel Falcondo mine employees away from the site, while the radical priest Rogelio Cruz – who has headed the campaign against the mine – tried to speak with the workers to calm the situation.
See http://www.dominicantoday.com/dr/local/2013/10/9/49233/Dispute-over-Xstrata-Nickel-mine-sparks-riot-in-front-of-Dominican.
Glencore Xstrata to close Dominican Republic nickel mine
The announcement comes a day after legislators created a national park on the outskirts of the mine, but the company said the decision was not linked to environmental pressures.
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