Why this is important
Social movements, environmentalists, and independent researchers denounce the violation of human rights as well as social, cultural and environmental irreversible impacts caused by the multinational mining company Anglo Ferrous Minas-Rio (a subsidiary of London-based Anglo American) in Brazil.
The mining project occupies an extensive area, threatening the lifestyle of numerous indigenous communities. Besides, the project will also affect the remaining rain forest of Mata Atlântica. Considered a biodiversity hotspot due to its high ecological value, the Mata Atlântica biome has been almost completely destroyed by human actions across time, retaining only 6% of its original extent.
The project is composed of an iron ore mine,affecting an area of around 3,888 hectares in the municipalities of Conceição do Mato Dentro, Alvorada de Minas, Dom Joaquim, and Serro, in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.
The mining project also incorporates a 525 km water propelled pipeline, crossing 32 municipalities, to transport iron ore to a seaport located at Barra do Açu, in the state of Rio de Janeiro; a 90 km power line, from the municipality of Itabira to Conceição do Mato Dentro; and water pipes to collect water from the Peixe river.
Social movements, environmentalists and part of the local population that have taken sides against the mining project are trying to diffuse to the wider public the oppression and intimidation strategies adopted by the mining company, with the support of Brazilian public environmental departments. The campaign also denounces irregularities and mismanagement in the environmental licensing process, such as the lack of technical studies about socio-environmental and socio-economic conditions of the affected communities, archaeological studies, and so forth.
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