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Since the protest held in London on 5 May, much more has been written about the violence at Australian company MRC’s mineral sands project at Xolobeni in South Africa and the role of major MRC shareholder, British businessman Graham Edwards.
Australian environmental and human rights organisations issued a Joint Statement on the Assassination of South African Activist Sikhosiphi ‘Bazooka’ Radebe.  26 Australian NGO, churches, unions and civil society groups call on Mineral Commodities Limited, an Australian listed mining company based in Perth, to withdraw from the Xolobeni proposal due to human rights concerns.
Hal Rhoades, of LMN member group The Gaia Foundation, describes the threat posed by mining on South Africa’s Wild Coast, the deadly conflict it has caused, and the growing opposition, in an article in The Ecologist, Mining, money and murder: the deadly struggle to protect South Africa’s Wild Coast.