Colombian subsidiary and paramilitaries

AngloGold has been operating in Colombia since 1999 through a subsidiary called Sociedad Kedahda, based in the British Virgin Islands, a Caribbean tax haven. Crimes against humanity by paramilitary groups such as extrajudicial executions, torture, disappearances and forced displacement have been documented in 336 municipalities where the subsidiary has operated.

Since 2003 police forces have been accused of human rights abuses against communities practicing artisanal gold mining in regions occupied by AngloGold Ashanti.

Colombian Solidarity Campaign (2013) La Colosa: A Death Foretold Alternative Report about the AngloGold Ashanti Gold Mining Project in Cajamarca, Tolima, Colombia

CETIM (2014) “Mining and Human Rights Violations in Colombia: The Case of Anglo Gold Ashanti vs the Afri-descendant Community of La Toma (Cauca)