Strikes and attacks at Quellaveco mine in Peru

Anglo American is the majority holder of the Quellaveco copper mining deposit beneath the Asana River, 37km from the Peruvian Andes region of Moquegua. With plans to begin extraction at Quellaveco in 2022, Anglo American is trying to divert the Asana River, one of the most important water supplies in this very arid region. Several protests have taken place, beginning in 2008, with concern about the destruction of water sources. More strikes occurred as Anglo American has failed to meet their obligations.

In 2013, the security forces of the company, accompanied by Peru’s National Police, violently attacked the peasants of the Alto Coscore pastures, prohibiting their free movement in the Samanape Torata area of Moquegua.  The police “began firing into the air and throwing tear gas canisters attacking residents, including the elderly and pregnant women.”

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