For several decades, New Zealand’s CAFCA (Campaign Against Foreign Control Of Aotearoa) has been fighting to preserve the country’s resources and territory for its own citizens, not least Indigenous Maori nations.
Each year the organisation appoints a distinguished jury of Aotearoans (New Zealanders) to decide which enterprise qualifies as “THE WORST TRANSNATIONAL CORPORATION OPERATING IN AOTEAROA.” More often than not, among the annual prime contenders has been Rio Tinto Aluminium (NZ) – formerly Comalco New Zealand – which operates the huge Tiwai Point aluminium smelter in the country’s South Island. In the jury’s 2008 report, which examined the records of eight companies, Rio Tinto was just pipped to the post by British American Tobacco (BAT). However, the UK-Australian mining megalith was singled out for its “outrageous exercise in political blackmail before the Parliamentary Select Committee on the Emissions Trading Bill in May 2008.” This was condemned as “the year’s most conspicuous piece of political interference.”