In this section, you can view and download full PDFs of London Mining Network’s research reports. You can view our reports on mining company AGMs here.

Voices from the Ground
A joint report from seven NGOs onhow the Global Mining Industry exploited the COVID-19 pandemic for profit.

Cut and Run
This report includes examples from Southeast Asia of where the British-Australian multinationals BHP and Rio Tinto have left legacies of conflict and environmental destruction, long after they’ve fled the scene.

Atalaya Tailings Dam
An outlining of the key findings of tailings dam expert Dr Steve Emerman’s report on Atalaya Mining company’s RioTinto tailings dams.

Risk Analysis, Rio Tinto
Dr Steve Emerman’s full report onAtalaya Mining company’s RioTinto tailings dams.

Post Extractivist Transition
Report on the damage done by the mining of metals used in renewable energy production. In the urgent move away from fossil fuel use, we must avoid embracing the expansion of damaging forms of extractivism.

AIM-Traded Mining Companies & Human Rights
Assesses eight case studies that illustrate human rights impacts and controversies arising from operations of mining companies with shares traded on the London Stock Exchange’s secondary AIM market.
Vedanta's Billions
Vedanta’s Billions
(Foil Vedanta, contributions from LMN)
A summary of the history of legal violations, human rights and environmental abuses associated with Vedanta.

Broken Hills
This briefing consists of a summary of five cases where BHP has left behind severe environmental damage – and one case where if it goes ahead with a project, it may do so again.
Mimika’s Coastal Dystopia: Besieged by Freeport Indonesia’s Mine Tailings Slurry
(Coordinated by LMN)
Report into mining waste (tailings) at Grasberg mine, a controversial mine in occupied West Papua, co-owned by British-Australian Rio Tinto and US company Freeport

The River Is Dead
Report on the Samarco dam disaster on 5th November 2015 which devastated communities all along the Rio Doce river system in Brazil. Around 1.4 million people needed urgent action to restore their livelihoods.

In the Valley of the Shadow of Death?
A Report on Antofagasta plc, Minera Los Pelambres and Caimanes: allegations of corruption, environmental damage and water depletion around Latin America’s largest mine waste tailings dam.

Holding UK companies to account in the English courts for harming people in other countries
This guide aims to help communities, workers, and civil society organisations supporting them, to use legal action in England to hold UK companies to account for harming people in other countries.

BHP Billiton’s Indomet Project: Digging deep into the Heart of Borneo
On BHP Billiton is plans to build a series of massive coal mines that would destroy primary rainforest, deprive indigenous peoples of their customary land, and pollute water sources relied on by up to 1 million people.
BHP: Undermining the future
BHP Billiton: Underming the Furture
Alternative Annual Report

(contributions from LMN)
This report examines a number of BHP Billiton’s operations around the world. The collection of case studies highlights the disparity between BHP Billi-ton’s ‘Sustainable Development Policy’ and the real-ity of its operations.