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What do you know about London`s role in mining? More importantly, what do you know about resistance to mining companies registered on the London Stock Exchange?  Who are the people who are standing up to mining companies and why are they doing this?  How can we build solidarity with them? How does resistance to mining companies fit with movements such as the Youth Climate Strikes demanding that educators tell the truth about the impending climate crisis and Black Lives Matter demanding racial justice across the world? What action do we need to take and what can we learn from communities resisting mining about living sustainably, fairly and with respect for each other and for the Earth

LMN’s education work is an integral part of our support for communities harmed by the activities of London Listed mining companies. We provide a variety of workshops, speakers and education resources to raise awareness about the impacts of mining on communities and land around the world and to stimulate discussion about potential ways of solving the problems caused by extraction of minerals. We encourage people to consider what the elements of a sustainable economy might be and what steps might be taken towards getting there. 

We run workshops with schools, universities, youth and community groups and the general public mainly in and around the London area. We also have a growing number of resources available for download.  Please contact for more information or to arrange a workshop. 

A quick note on Covid 19

Despite the pandemic, the mining industry and its allies have not stopped the appropriation of land, their destructive, dangerous and polluting practices and the persecution of communities and individuals who resist. In fact, Covid-19 and lockdown conditions have made some communities even more vulnerable to threat from mining.  Because of this, LMN`s work continues through this challenging period. The limitations of being forced to move online, is presenting the education team with new opportunities expand our participation. Watch this space! 


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December 2020