Mountain Dreamer

In this book by James Sandham and Jo Jefferson, a little fox’s nightmare awakens readers to see the destruction caused by extractivism and the responsibility to defend the land and nature.

Powerlands Viewer Discussion Guide

This guide is designed to accompany the film Powerlands. It uses the film as a starting point for integrating core concepts of media literacy, critical thinking and social advocacy skills in your classroom. The guide provides contextual information about the documentary subjects and themes, and includes post-viewing discussion questions and activities.

Marikana Lesson Plans

On the 10th anniversary of the Massacre, these resources have been made to ensure that the ongoing struggles for justice and reparations in Marikana are amplified and that the perpetrators and beneficiaries are held to account.

COP26 Lesson Materials

On this powerpoint presentation you will find resources for a 3 lesson sequence about COP 26 in Glasgow.
It is publicly available to all teachers and educators working with children and young people across Key Stages 3-5, and higher or further education settings.

The Magic of Responsibility

This comic book was co-authored by communities affected by the Cerrejón mine in Colombia and international solidarity organisations. It uses ideas of Indigenous land rights, spirituality, and struggle to tell the story of people’s connection to the water. Also available en Español.

Droplet & Wagtail’s Tailings Tale

This book introduces children to the dangers of mining waste and offers a set of activities to engage readers in being part of protecting the environment.

PhoneCycle Game

We deliver educational workshops in schools and in the community based on a board game depicting the lifecycle of a smart phone. Focusing on phones is a tangible way to transform the dark, often abstract, world of extractivism into a relatable problem with potential solutions.

Student Witness project

For our Student Witness projects, we invite KS4, Sixth Form & University students to learn more about mining-related issues. Students take part in a workshop on mining-affected communities and the environmental impact of extractivism before attending a demonstration with LMN. Afterwards, we hold a follow up workshop to help them prepare articles, short films and other communications pieces.

The People who Shut Down a Mine

This presentation tells the story of how the people of Bougainville successfully shut down the Panguna mine (owned by Rio Tinto) after 10 years of struggle and civil war. There are several resouces and activities included to help better understand this little known but important episode of Black history.

Life Above the Coal

This workshop is based on the true story of two frontline communities in Colombia who have been resisting the impacts of a massive open cast mine on their lands and livelihoods for over thirty years. It contains a series of activites and discussions to help a class to talk about and understand the issues.