COP26 Materials

In November 2020 the COP26 meeting took place in Glasgow. As part of the COP26 Coalition and the People’s Summit for Climate Justice, London Mining Network took part in several events and actions. Here, we present the COP26 materials we created and contributed to.

Events & Videos

As members of the COP26 Coalition, we took part in several digital events both in the build-up to the conference and at the People’s Summit. We hosted the session on achieving a just energy future. Alongside these events, we hosted a session connecting young people in different countries.

Making Connections: Young People and Communities on the Frontlines of Climate Justice

We can’t mine our way out of the climate crisis: achieving a just energy future for all

For the suggested follow films to the ‘Making Connections’ event see here.

Thank you to Yes to Life No to Mining for the following videos:

Education Material

In the run-up to COP26, LMN worked with Decolonising Geography to create a lesson plan for teachers to engage their students in conversations about climate change. Click the image below to view and download the plan for free – it covers three lessons and is suitable for Key Stages 3-5, and higher or further education settings.

cop26 education material


During the conference, a delegation of LMN members and supporters attended various rallies, marches, and events happening in Glasgow.

People’s Climate March, 6 November

(Thanks to @ja_mrtnz for the pictures)

Say NO to Dirty Mining rally, 10 November

People’s Plenary, 12 November