Vedanta’s planned Nyamgiri bauxite mine in Orissa has been the subject of more national and international press column inches than any other Indian venture of its kind. Inevitably, given its notorious propensities, the UK company has sought every opportunity to misrepresent the case against the  project. Vedanta says the mine will have an almost negibile “footprint” – but is seeking to expand the original design output sixfold. It hides behind the pretence that the state government is responsible for the proposed mining SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle)  – although it will be by far the main beneficiary. The company has propagated the nonsense that its existing Lanjigarh alumina refinery, adjacent to Nyamgiri, is a “zero discharge” facility. Yet, on several recent occasions, the Orissa Pollution Control Board has indicted it for toxic red mud discharges directly into the vital Vamsadhara river. Vedanta also claims that foreign NGOs are funding local agitators – at the same time as allegedly itself “buying off” some local leaders, politicians and journalists. Last week, a significant turnout of Indigenous and Dalit (lower caste) villagers from the Nyamgiri area endeavoured to put paid to such propaganda. [Comment by Nostromo Research, London, 11 October 2009].