This technical briefing by Inge Lindemann summarises the impacts of uranium mining on human health and the environment and makes a compelling case for leaving uranium in the ground.
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Health and Environmental Hazards of Uranium April 2010
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Nuclear Power Nearly as Dangerous as Weapons, Critics Say
UNITED NATIONS, May 7, 2010 (IPS) – The quest for nuclear disarmament is likely to fail if governments and corporations continue to promote nuclear technologies as a solution to the world’s energy needs, say independent experts.
Videos on the dangers of the nuclear industry
Watch these video excerpts from a talk given by Canadian Dr. Gordon Edwards in Finland (at Loviisa, on January 12, 2010) edited down to a total of 45 minutes.
1/5: Nuclear Power Cannot Solve Climate Change:
2/5: Radioactivity from Bomb Fallout and Reactors:
3/5: Atomic Radiation and High-Level Nuclear Waste:
4/5  Reactor Accidents – Meltdowns and Power Excursions:

5/5: Recycling Nuclear Fuel = Plutonium Reprocessing: