World Gobbling Up Greenhouse Gas Budget: WWF
Greenhouse gas emissions worldwide risk overshooting by a third the threshold beyond which dangerous global warming looms, the environment group WWF said on Wednesday, urging climate talks in China to tackle the gap. Negotiators from 177 governments are meeting this week in the north Chinese city of Tianjin trying to agree on the shape of the successor to the current phase of the Kyoto Protocol, the key U.N. treaty on fighting global warming, which expires in 2012.
Green Outcry As EU Blesses Spanish Support Of Coal
Spain has gained approval from Europe’s competition watchdog to support unprofitable coal mining until 2015, which critics said would prop up an ailing sector to the detriment of the environment. See
RBS funding for the tarsands
See a three minute video of activities around the RBS AGM earlier this year at
Looking at the Real Cost of Fossil Fuel
In economics, conduct that re-allocates part of the cost of doing business upon other parties without their consent (such as pollution of public air and waters) is called an externality. To the extent that environmental impacts are not reflected in the market price of electricity, consumers are not paying the full cost of that power (i.e., their energy use is being subsidized), and energy markets become distorted, resulting in inefficient use of resources.