During the annual general meeting (AGM) of mining company Barrick Gold in Toronto (Canada), on 27 April, Friends of the Earth International supported a loud call from communities around the world for a halt to gold mining and Barrick Gold’s destructive practices.
Campaigners were present at the meeting and joined a protest rally outside the meeting venue. Barrick Gold, the largest gold miner in the world, has been the subject of many documented studies of human rights abuses and environmental devastation globally, including in the Philippines, Tanzania and Australia.
See http://www.protestbarrick.net/article.php?id=692.
Barrick Gold is a Canadian company that is the world’s largest gold producer and in which a number of UK-based funds invest (see http://moneytometal.org/index.php?title=Special%3ASearch&search=Barrick&go=Go).
Last year, Barrick span off its operations in Tanzania and listed subsidiary African Barrick in London. Protesters leafleted the first African Barrick AGM in London on 21 April – but so few shareholders attended that protesters gave most of their leaflets to interested members of the public. To read the leaflet, click here.