New report demolishes mining industry claims
Australia’s coal mining giants are trying to scare the life out of its citizens over the impacts on jobs and investments from the recently-proposed nationwide carbon tax. The proposal is due to be debated by parliament this week.
In a statement last week, Rio Tinto’s Mr Peever (sic) cryptically described the tax as “lack[ing] the flexibility to adjust to the emergence of a different reality”.
However, according to a new report by the Australian Institute, it’s the miners who need to adapt to reality. The Institute points out that the number of jobs actually created  by the industry is far lower than is widely perceived. The majority of its profits are siphoned overseas; and the future of non-mining sectors in the country is being set at grave risk.
Meanwhile, the state government of New South Wales plans to increase royalties paid by mining companies, in order to meet its own obligations to pay the carbon tax.