In late 2012, B’laan tribal leader Daguil Capion’s (also spelt Cafeon below) unarmed wife and children were killed by the Philippine military. The killing was linked to his opposition to Xstrata’s Tampakan mine. Now, his brother has been shot dead in questionable circumstances. The military are reporting it as the justified killing of a ‘bandit’, but it follows on fears of a tragic escalation in the conflict with those opposing the mine. This is especially true given the deployment of Task Force Kitaco, a special unit created to suppress this opposition. This incident followed on from yet another setback for the company, when the Provincial Board of South Cotabato reiterated a previous resolution the confirms the ban on open pit mining in the province. On the island of Romblon, a legal challenge to the local government Executive Order limiting mining has been successfully challenged by a company, but the Governor intends to appeal.