South Africa’s gold mining companies have offered a derisory 4% wage increase to their workers – one coming nowhere close to meeting trade unionists’ demands. Meanwhile, threatened with further strikes by the “dissident” Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU), Impala Platinum has recognised the AMCU as its majority union, and Lonmin is considering following its lead. Despite these moves, the AMCU has roundly rejected a government-led “agreement”, designed to bring stability to the mining industry, declaring that: “Even if AMCU signs on later, the pact does little to resolve the turf war between rival unions or moderate wage demands, and labor unrest remains likely during upcoming negotiations over recognition and wages.” Almost after a year after the infamous Marikana massacre, it remains highy doubtful whether any recognisable¬† state of “peace” will soon return to South Africa’s gold or platinum sector.