Screen shot 2014-01-22 at 11.57.00London Mining Network has just launched a new-look website.
The new layout is intended to make it easier to use for people who do not know quite where to begin. So we have added a ‘Getting Started’ page with some basic building blocks and pointers to further information.
We also want to make clear who we work FOR, not just who we work AGAINST. So we have added a large box on the home page explaining exactly that.
We have edited the information on ‘Mining and London’ but added links to some basic information about some of the major mining corporations that we have worked on in recent years – more information is available on the ‘Getting Started’ page. We have also included links to other organizations’ websites under the ‘Mining and London’ page so as not to clutter the home page with buttons.
We have rewritten the ‘About’ page for greater clarity – it still includes a full list of LMN member groups, with links to their websites.
We now have two sorts of articles – blogs and news – listed separately. The blog posts will be a means of commenting on the news, explaining our points of view, and advertising events being organized by LMN and our members and new reports that we have published. The news posts will continue to give short introductions to news items posted on other websites, with a link.
All the articles from our old website have found a home among the blogs on the new site, and everything is searchable via the ‘search’ button in the top right hand corner.