logoLondon Mining Network’s co-chair Andy Whitmore has become the latest person associated with LMN to undertake an iconic, ‘ in the cab’ interview with Mark the Artist Taxi Driver.
Mark and Andy talk on the subject of Glencore Xstrata, and particularly their activities in the Philippines. This follows on the ‘Stop the Mine’ campaign being led by War on Want on this topic. The discussion covers the history of Glencore, its global reach and then concentrates on what is happening in the Philippines, where the company aims to build one of the world’s largest opencast copper and gold mines right in the middle of the B’laan ancestral homeland on the island of Mindanao, southern Philippines.
The two short interviews can be viewed here …
Glencore/Xstrata the War Machine- Andy Whitmore pt 1/2

Glencore/Xstrata the War Machine- Andy Whitmore pt 2/2