BHP Billiton Australia House demo (2)
BHP Billiton holds two Annual General Meetings each year – one in London, the other in Australia. Here’s a roundup of news about the November AGM in Adelaide.
Protesters gather at BHP Billiton meeting
BHP Billiton’s use of only fly-in fly-out workers instead of locals at two new coal mines in central Queensland have sparked protests at the mining giant’s annual general meeting.
The Hunt For Minerals In The Coaled Heart Of Borneo
Last week, at its Australian annual general meeting, BHP Billiton Chairman Jac Nasser faced a barrage of difficult questions relating to the mining behemoth’s environmental and social impacts.
BHP Billiton’s short-lived climate cuddle
The climate-friendly bonhomie of BHP Billiton’s Chairman, Jac Nasser, didn’t last long into question time at the company’s annual general meeting in Adelaide late last week.
BHP says action needed on climate change but won’t rule out coal investments at AGM
Arie Rompas, a member of a local tribe and he’s also from Friends of the Earth Indonesia, called on BHP Billiton chairman, Jacques Nasser, to walk away from the project.
Comment: Corporate and self-interest are not the national interest
Australia’s largest resource companies are adept at embracing new ways of describing their business, but often much slower to embrace new ways of doing business.
Statement by Ian Dunlop to the BHP Billiton AGM in Adelaide
Ian Dunlop made another bid to be elected to the board of the company to strengthen action against climate change. He was opposed by the Board and was not elected. His statement is available as a pdf via!my-platform-2014/c1cl6.