BHP Billiton Australia House demo (2)
In October and November 2014, London Mining Network hosted a Dirty Coal Tour, with visitors from Colombia and Indonesia meeting up with Fossil Free Universities groups, local WDM groups, churches and others to speak about the human and environmental impacts of coal strip mining in their countries.
Photographer Jo Syz has produced a five-minute video of one of the Colombian visitors, Rogelio Ustate. Film maker Jordan Flaherty and Melisa Cardona have worked with journalist Ewa Jasciewicz to make a six-minute video about the impacts of the Cerrejon mine on Colombian Indigenous communities, especially Indigenous women.
LMN Co-ordinator Richard Solly has written an update about the threat of eviction of  yet another small farming community in Colombia.
And our friends at WALHI, Friends of the Earth Indonesia, report a setback for BHP Billiton in its plans to mine coal in Kalimantan.