For our second book club event, we’re pleased to be bringing you a conversation with Joan Kuyek on her 2019 book Unearthing Justice.

About the Book

The mining industry continues to be at the forefront of colonial dispossession around the world. It controls information about its intrinsic costs and benefits, propagates myths about its contribution to the economy, shapes government policy and regulation, and deals ruthlessly with its opponents. Brimming with case studies, anecdotes, resources, and illustrations, Unearthing Justice exposes the mining process and its externalized impacts on the environment, Indigenous Peoples, communities, workers, and governments. But, most importantly, the book shows how people are fighting back. Whether it is to stop a mine before it starts, to get an abandoned mine cleaned up, to change laws and policy, or to mount a campaign to influence investors, Unearthing Justice is an essential handbook for anyone trying to protect the places and people they love.

About the Author

Author of Unearthing Justice, Joan Kuyek

Joan Kuyek is a community-focused mining analyst, community organizer and adult educator living in Ottawa, Canada. She was the founding National Co-ordinator of MiningWatch Canada from 1999-2009.

She is the author of Unearthing Justice: How to Protect your Community from the Mining Industry (fall 2019) and Community Organizing: A Holistic Approach (2011) and a number of other books and publications.

Before moving to Ottawa, she was a community organizer and facilitator for over 30 years in Sudbury (Canada’s largest mining community) and other parts of Canada.