If you live in the United Kingdom, please ask your MP to sign EDM 320:
That this House supports the work of CAFOD in exposing the significant reservations about the Hallmark Nickel project in the Philippines run by BHP Billiton, the world’s largest mining company; notes the potential impact this project will have on the local community which relies mostly on fishing and farming to survive; expresses concern that CAFOD’s investigation has found flaws in the community consent process, allegations of bribery by BHP Billiton’s local partner and Philippine government officials, lack of transparency and information sharing with the community and potential dangers to the environment and to local livelihoods; calls on BHP Billiton and the Philippine government to act on the recommendations in CAFOD’s report; recognises that the private sector is an essential part of economic growth but that businesses need to operate within an effective regulatory framework which balances profits against the needs of citizens and reduces the risk of bribery; calls on the UK to adopt a new anti-bribery law that complies fully with the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development Anti-Bribery Convention and covers corporate liability for corruption abroad; and calls on the Government to introduce legislation requiring companies to disclose information about the human rights, environmental and social impacts of private sector projects as well as the payments they make to governments on a country by country basis, in order for citizens to access the information they need about the costs and benefits of such projects.