The Treasury faces a potentially embarrassing court battle in October over its alleged failure to impose minimum environmental and human-rights standards on investments made by Royal Bank of Scotland, the state-owned lender. Three campaign groups – World Development Movement (WDM), Platform and People & Planet – have won a full hearing over whether the Treasury has breached its own policy to tackle climate change and reduce carbon emissions by using public funds to bail out RBS, which has long been one of the biggest lenders to the energy industry. In a victory for the campaigners, a High Court judge ruled that they have at least an arguable case that the government acted unlawfully and should be allowed to present full oral submissions. Click here to read more.
Redesign the Royal Bank of Scotland for Sustainability
Open brief from Amelia’s Magazine and PLATFORM • Closing date: 2nd Nov 2009
The Royal Bank of Scotland. RBS. Formally known with pride as the “oil and gas bank” due to their close alliance with the fossil fuel industries. What on earth would I have to do with them? They may have lost the unfortunate moniker, partly due to a hugely successful campaign by People and Planet student activists who launched a spoof ad campaign and website named the Oyal Bank of Scotland before delivering a host of greenwashing awards – but they’re certainly not due for any special ethical mentions yet. See