There is no direct London connection to the cases considered below, although Copper Mesa Mining Corporation, formerly Ascendant Copper, did in the past have an agreement with Rio Tinto which may have seen the London major cash in on what Ascendant had found in Ecuador. But these cases are food for thought, given the role of British-based companies in mining, or financing the mining, of coal around the world, and the rold of the London Stock Exchange in raising money for destructive mining projects.
Pacific Islanders Bid To Stop Czech Coal Plant
A small island state is making a legal challenge to a European government over its plans to extend a coal-fired power plant. Micronesia may be 6,000 miles away from the Czech Republic. But the issues it’s raising are of vital importance to us all. See
Canada-Ecuador: When Stock Exchanges Fuel Human Rights Violations
Toronto-based Pinetree Capital has purchased a few million shares of Copper Mesa Mining Corporation, making it the largest share owner of a failing and disgraced outfit, currently embroiled in a lawsuit. But, says Carlos Zorilla, the company got more than it bargained for. See