Bolivian President Evo Morales’ Courageous Speech at World People’s Conference on Climate Change

Morales’ choice of opening words as well as his convening of this unprecedented global mobilization represents more than a greening of revolutionary movements or a revolutionizing of green movements. It is something even more ambitious: inspiring a new era in hemispheric and global politics, one that fuses the best of indigenous, leftist, labor, environmentalist and other movements in the effort to save Pachamama (Mother Earth). The welcome from the president of the Plurinational State of Bulibiya (Bolivia in Quechua) also marks another stage in the remarkable rise of an indigenous former coca-grower and immigrant (Morales migrated to Argentina in his youth) who has become the de-facto leader of this hybrid global movement that links the rights of humans to what organizers have coined the “universal rights of Mother Earth.”