London-based Vedanta Resources, through its subsidiary companies, plans to mine for bauxite in the Niyamgiri Hills, considered sacred by the Indigenous Dongria Kondh community. The proposed mine will threaten the community’s rights to water, food, health and work. Local communities in nearby Lanjigarh, whose farmlands were acquired for Vedanta’s alumina refinery in 2003, are struggling to protect their livelihoods while contamination of their water sources and dust emissions pose serious risks to their health. Vedanta has ignored these risks and is now planning a six-fold expansion of its alumina refinery. Vedanta has failed to provide full information and to adequately consult with local communities about its mining and refinery-expansion plans. Final permission for the projects is pending with the Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests. The people of Lanjigarh and Niyamgiri have been protesting against Vedanta’s attempts to willfully ignore their human rights.
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