The road from Rayagada north to Bissamcuttack and the Kalahandi border is in a state of rampant disrepair. A smashed lorry lies overturned in a ditch — one of  countless accidents in recent years. At least two policemen are among the last five years’ hundreds of fatalities, both run down by lorries serving Vedanta — an inspector in Lanjigarh, and a constable in Rayagada. Vedanta vehicles carrying bauxite, coal, oil and machinery to Lanjigarh have trashed this road so thoroughly that normal vehicles take long detours to avoid sections between Therubali and Bissamcuttack, and Bissamcuttack to Muniguda.
The widening of dozens of roads under pressure from the World Bank has already led to the cutting of hundreds of ancient trees that lined them, and if it continues unchecked, will cause the death of thousands more.