GCM claims negotiations with Bangladesh Government
GCM Resources, previously known as Asia Energy, has claimed that it is negotiating coal extraction from Phulbari with the government. “GCM is ready to move the Phulbari Project forward when the government approves the scheme of development. Discussions with the Bangladesh government continue,” according to the website of the London-based company.
See http://bdnews24.com/details.php?id=186315&cid=2.
Save the Sundarbans – Stop The Phulbari Coal Mine
The Phulbari Coal Mine Project would establish one of the world’s largest open pit coal mines in northwest Bangladesh, forcibly displacing as many as 130,000 people, including more than 2,200 indigenous households.
Don’t Let Open Pit Coal Mine Destroy Homes, Lives & Mangrove Forests in Bangladesh. Tens of Thousands of People Will Be Affected By This Destructive Project: Impacts on People, Land, Food & Water Forewarned.
Take action at http://mangroveactionproject.org/news/action-alerts/save-the-sundarbans-stop-the-phulbari-coal-mine.