Urgent concern for safety of human rights defenders of San Miguel Ixtahuacán following peaceful protests
We denounce the human rights violations and abuses committed against peaceful protesters in San Miguel Ixtahuacán, Guatemala. 
The protest, demanding compliance with precautionary measures ordered by the Interamerican Commission for Human Rights regarding the Marlin mine, took place without incident during the day.  In late afternoon, participants returning from the peaceful roadblocks were reportedly confronted and attacked by community development council (COCODE) members and mine workers in San José Ixcaniche.
See http://nisgua.blogspot.com/2011/02/urgent-concern-for-safety-of-human.html.
The Marlin Mine is operated by a subsidiary of Canadian mining company Goldcorp. Among its major investors are British-based AXA Investment Managers UK Ltd (US$4.3 million), Blackrock Commodities Income Trust plc, and City Natural Resources High Yield Trust PLC.